How to Make Perfect My version of Sushi Roll

By | November 9, 2019

My version of Sushi Roll. Brew and roll this delicious mouthwatering volcano sushi roll recipe. Adjust with your own spicy tolerant level to make the burning hot flowing lava on top. How to Make Sushi: Spicy Tuna and California Roll.

My version of Sushi Roll Making delicious sushi rolls (Maki Sushi) at home is easy with just a few ingredients like tuna Watch How To Make Sushi Rolls (Maki Sushi). Making delicious sushi rolls at home is easy, you A lot of restaurants create their own version of combination and unique names, but here are some common. How to Roll Sushi: Basic and advanced cooking techniques from You can have My version of Sushi Roll using 10 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of My version of Sushi Roll

  1. It’s of Sushi rice.
  2. It’s of Vinegar.
  3. You need of Sugar.
  4. It’s of Carrot(stripes).
  5. Prepare 2 of eggs(fry it).
  6. Prepare Half of pack crab stick.
  7. You need sheet of Sea weeds. Nori.
  8. It’s Half of cucumber.
  9. It’s of Bamboo mat.
  10. You need of Black sesame seeds(optional).

Sushi comes in all shapes and sizes, but there's no denying that the roll is one of the most popular forms. You can make a roll with virtually any ingredient combination that you can think of. Besides the traditional maki roll with seaweed, or nori, on the outside, you can also make a roll with rice on the. A sushi roll is a food of Asian origin that features rice and seafood wrapped in seaweed (nori).

My version of Sushi Roll instructions

  1. Cook rice as nornal. When it is done scoop out and put in a bowl. Pour 1 tsp vinegar and 1 tsp sugar. Mix them evenly.
  2. Lay flat a nori sheet and scoop some rice and spread evenly on the sheet. Lay flat the add fried egg, cucumber carrot and crab stick.
  3. Then start to roll it up….. Lift the edge of the mat over the rice, applying a little pressure to keep everything in a tight roll..
  4. Remove the mat and roll tightly in cling wrap. Cutbthe sushi in thick slices then unravel the cling wrap.

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